• The Comedian

    In the end, it's always about a girl. Perhaps had I fallen for a dental hygienist, I'd be pulling teeth instead of delivering punchlines today. But I had a crush on Vanda Michaels, a young, developing stand-up comedienne. Night after night I'd see her and the other unknowns, like Suzy Essman and Joy Behar, take to the stage.... [more]

  • The Actor

    A long time ago I remember watching the Carole Burnett show and she had this question and answer portion. One night this little girl stood up and said "I want to be an actress what should I do?" Carol answered "Go to college and major in anything but acting." "That way you will have a way to pay the rent while you're waiting to become an "actor." I guess that always stuck with me. I always did comedy skits at summer camp, but in high school I was all about sports. .... [more]

  • The Director

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  • The Photographer

    It all started with me being a computer geek. I used to write music in the late 80's early 90's (I actually wrote some music for my friend Rich Jeni's 1992 comedy special Platypus Man). Back then I was using a program for the MAC called Southport Music Works. Sometime around 94 or 95, I was browsing through a computer store and I saw a big time photo scanner for sale. Back in the mid 90's there weren't any consumer digital cameras, so there wasn't anyway to get a photo into your computer without a scanner... [more]